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Carp Feb 2021

Carp Seining

Anoka Conservation District has been tracking radio tagged carp on Linwood Lake, for an under-ice commercial seine, that could start this week February 8, 2021, with pre-lining the netting area (some ropes in the water, with some marking stakes on the ice). Then the following week could be the seining.

Lots of activity on the ice above the carp can cause them to disperse before the netting. Please refrain from approaching the netting area.

You may see Anoka Conservation District staff on the lake with a TV-like antenna to track carp.

Stakes in the NE bay followed by a commercial netting operation with holes cut in the ice, nets, small tractor, etc.

After netting, captured carp may remain “cribbed” in the net for a few days until an appropriately-sized truck arrives to transport them.

This netting is only for rough fish. All game fish are returned to the lake.

The purpose of this project is to improve water quality and the fishery.

Thank you for your support.

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