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Ted Enge

My name is Ted Engen. I live on the north side of Linwood Lake. In 1980 we purchased a little cabin (fishing shack) that was off the lake but with lake access. We enjoyed our summers at the lake with our six sons. It was pretty close to our home in Coon Rapids but still felt like we were up north when we got here. In 1999 we were fortunate enough to buy another place that was actually on the lake and started remodeling. We were only using it on weekends but in 2005 decided to move here permanently, so we sold our home in Coon Rapids and have never looked back.
I have been a member of the Linwood Lake Association since we bought our home and have served on the board on occasion to include now, which is my second term. Over the years the lake association has done what they could to keep our lake healthy. However due to invasive aquatic species and other issues our lake was slowly becoming sick. Due to the tremendous efforts by the association’s board and many of its members the lake is improving! Invasive plants are being dealt with as well as other issues. The highway clean-up crew has made a big difference and the various fund raising efforts have brought in the dollars needed to keep improving our lake.
As many of you know, one of my special projects is the “Light up Linwood Lake” during the Holiday Season. We light up the lake side of our properties for this contest and winners are randomly selected. It gives a little Christmas present to all who see the Holiday lights plus you could win a cash prize.  Ted's 3-year term is up for renewal July 2019.

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