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Harvey J Glowaski

Harvey grew up in northern Minnesota, obtained a BA degree from St Cloud State College in the mid 1960s where he met his wife, whose family lived in Wyoming. They have been property owners and frequent visitors to Linwood Lake for years as his wife’s grandparents built the first house and developed the property on the south side of Linwood Lake. In the 1990s they purchased that house, but didn’t move to Linwood until 2010 following a major renovation, and Harvey’s retirement from the Army and 18 years as a DOD contractor. He was the editor and publisher of the LLIA newsletter for several years, has been the Resident Directory publisher since they moved here, as well as being a LLIA board member most of that time.  Harvey has a deep interest and concern for the continued health of the lake and appreciation of home values.  Harvey's 3-year term is up for renewal July 2021.

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